Hard Copy Workbooks

There are single volume workbooks for Introductory qualifications and separate workbooks for each of the units for the full qualifications.  Each workbook covers the required learning outcomes of the unit and is divided into sections with clear links to the “understanding” and “how to…” statements in the syllabus. To view all of our qualification information please click on the relevant links below. 

Order Pathways Workbooks

To order please call 01536 207379 or email publications@managers.org.uk.

Pathways Workbooks

Pathways Workbooks support CMI qualifications introduced in September 2014.

* You can still order previous versions of Pathways supporting learners still on older CMI qualifications.

Student Guides are available for each of the qualifications. These guides introduce the learner to the qualifications and the Pathways workbooks, and also contain useful ideas and tips on planning effective study, sources of support and preparing for assessment.

Tutor Guides are available to aid delivery of the qualifications and how to use the Pathways workbooks and case studies, together with a full mapping for each workbook, showing the links between the 'understanding' and 'how to...' statements in the syllabus and the relevant section of the workbooks.

Please note:
The Pathways materials are also suitable for SCQF qualifications at levels 6, 8* and 11.