Licence terms and conditions

Licence Terms & Conditions - in summary, these are as follows :

  • A licence must be purchased in the appropriate fee band for the number of students who are going to have access to locally printed or electronic versions of Pathways workbooks or guides over a 12 month period.
  • The purchasing Centre can nominate the date at which they want the 12 month period to commence

Centres who have purchased a licence can:

  • print out the files supplied and distribute copies of Pathways workbooks or guides for use by the agreed number of students and tutors
  • upload files on to a secure VLE, LAN or intranet for use by the agreed number of students and tutors. CMI will need to be assured that appropriate security measures are in place

Centres cannot:

  • amend or delete trademarks or copyright notices
  • sell the locally printed version to anyone other than students enrolled at the purchasing institution at a price to cover the cost of printing 
  • access and amend the files to alter the content without prior written permission from the CMI
  • use the files without keeping accurate records of the number and location of copies made

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By purchasing a licence you are agreeing to the full terms and conditions.