Managing Relationships: an essential guide

Relationship Manager

Start Date: 13 Nov 2014

Start Time: 6:30 PM

End Time: 9:00 PM

Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes

Capacity: 30

Venue: Room Darwin 05, Regent's University London, Inner Circle, London , NW1 4NS › View map

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Everyone in business needs to forge and manage relationships: with managers, colleagues, customers, suppliers and peers. But this is never simple.

However, inter-human relationships with their shifting tones of the voice, furtive looks and unspoken messages are arguably one of life’s biggest challenges: we all know that our ability to handle relationships with others can make or break us. Nevertheless, relationship theory is not a completely lawless land; there is much repetition and predictability.

Situations often develop in a predictable way; our fellow-humans expect certain things; they react to different triggers in particular ways. The world of business is not much different in this respect from the rest of the world of human relationships - if anything, professional relationships can be relied on to be even more predictable, more standardized than personal ones.

This seminar dissects  ‘best practice relationship management’ in the business world. It takes as its starting point a discussion of some very fundamental social mechanisms and that in a business situation separate the wheat from the chaff, and goes on to reveal some tricks of the trade that will give you an unfair advantage in a sales situation with a customer, an interview with a potential employer or in a discussion with a fellow board members.

Our speaker, Fredrik Sandvall ventures to promise that you will walk away with some new ideas and some very actionable advice, and you are free to share examples and slides presented during the talk with your colleagues to benchmark and reflect on your firm’s practice.  


  • Key Roles
  • Relationship Management - the Process
  • Top Tips
  • Benchmark and Score your Company – a Template

Join us for this event and you will come away with plenty of new ideas and some very actionable advice that will help you to generate new and profitable business relationships.




Join us for this event with our speaker Fredrik Sandvall MBA, FCMI, FIC, FISMM 


Fredrik Sandvall a Consulting Partner, sales leader and entrepreneur with more than 20 years’ experience in sales, of which 11 in relationship management in consulting services. At present, he is primary focusing on communication, sales and sales leadership, working actively with fast-growing companies and individuals globally. He has been a keynote speaker at Top Consultant’s Art of Selling Consulting Services the last three years with more than 300 consultants on different levels.


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