Introvert Extrovert? Play to Your Own Strengths: Understand and Work with Your Opposites

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Start Date: 14 May 2015

Start Time: 6:30 PM

End Time: 8:30 PM

Duration: 2 hours

Capacity: 50

Venue: Eversheds LLP, Bridgewater Place, Water Lane , Leeds, LS11 5DR › View map

Member price: £6.00

Non-member price: £12.00

Event Capacity: Full

Introvert, extrovert …what does it mean and why does it matter? Is our modern day culture biased against quiet and reserved people?   Does it favour the socially dominant, the talkative and are they more likely to be found higher up in corporate hierarchy?   Do you have to be the loudest in the room to be heard?

In her interactive talk, Vera will explore these questions and bust some of the myths held about personality types.   You will gain a better understanding into your own dominant preference, how you can leverage this and mitigate the downside - and at the same time recognise and appreciate that others have different and preferred ways of doing and being.   By having greater insight, you are more able to appreciate why others behave and act in certain ways and how you can use this to communicate and work more harmoniously and effectively to achieve personal, professional and organisational goals. 


Vera Woodhead

Vera Woodhead

Vera Woodhead is a leadership and career development coach (MA Coaching & Mentoring) who helps professional women to develop the confidence, gravitas, and skills to progress their careers, become authentic leaders and lead balanced fulfilled lives.

Vera also works within organisations to develop their staff through mentoring and coaching programmes, is a part time lecturer in leadership at Leeds University, a non executive director and an ambassador for Board Ready Women.

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You can connect with Vera at:
Twitter: @verawoodhead
Linkedin: / verawoodhead



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