Effective Corporate Social Responsibility for Managers & Business Leaders


Start Date: 30 Nov 2017

Start Time: 5:45 PM

End Time: 8:00 PM

Duration: 2 hours 15 minutes

Capacity: 50

Venue: University College Birmingham, McIntyre House, Birmingham, B3 1PW › View map

Admission price: Free

Event Capacity: Full

Where CSR is either ignored or implemented half-heartedly, this can put individual jobs and the organisation’s very future at risk. Both B2B and B2C customers are increasingly demanding higher environmental and ethical standards from a product or service provider. Aspects of social responsibility are becoming increasingly important to ensure supply chain integrity, simultaneously minimising reputational, regulatory and financial risk. Larger companies are now frequently insisting on verification of sustainable resourcing and other CSR credentials from potential suppliers as a condition of successful tendering.

Integrating an effective and visible CSR policy into how an organisation operates can help make the best use of available resources, evidence supply chain sustainability, reduce waste, and further differentiate a business from its competitors. Incorporating how it treats its staff, suppliers and customers, a firm that is seen to be more socially responsible can increase its competitive advantage, which means that it can also be more sustainable and profitable in the long term.

This event is designed to introduce the principles and benefits of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and demonstrate how managers can help embed CSR into the day-to-day operations of an organisation. Participants are introduced to a framework for examining the effectiveness of the CSR strategies employed by their own and other companies. Delegates will be encouraged to embrace alternative perspectives and different motivations behind social responsibility. In addition, they will examine ways of improving and effectively promoting an organisation’s social responsibility credentials and how it can help increase competitive advantage.


  • Free event
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Questions about this event should be addressed to Network Support at networks.support@managers.org.uk or by telephone on 01536 207394.

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