Interview Survival Guide: The Dos And Don’ts

Written by Becca Davis - 10 September 2018

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I don't know about you but when I finished university and started applying for jobs, I actually didn't have any interview practice. I'd landed my part-time university job through someone I knew and so had escaped the knee-trembling, sweat-inducing experience that is a job interview.

You may well not have been so lucky and have some experience when it comes to job interviews but for those of you who'd like a few tips, here's what worked for me.

Be Early

It's a given that you should never be late but I would say don't just be on time, be early. Show you're keen but it will also give you a chance to go to a coffee show for last minute preparation beforehand.

Make Eye Contact

A simple way to show you're engaged, confident and personable.

Research Interview Questions And Practice Your Answers

You'll find that the interview questions will often be very similar across different organisations. Do a simple Google search and then write out and practice the answers you'd give. There's no such thing as being too prepared.

Research The Company

Make sure you know your stuff when it comes to the organisation you're applying for. I can guarantee you'll be asked what you know about the company. A good place to start with this is the company's website but it's also useful to do a Google search of what the media have been saying about them too.

Ask Questions

Always have questions to ask your interviewer ahead of the interview. Again, it's a good way to show you're interested in the job.

Dress Appropriately

It goes without saying but make sure you're dressed appropriately. No short skirts or low cut blouses and guys, a tie is a must.

Follow Up After The Interview

Sending a thank you note reiterating your interest in the position shows you're engaged and gives you a chance to drop in anything that you're pinching yourself for not remembering. It's worth sending it within 24 hours before they've made their decision on the lucky candidate.

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