Chartered Manager Case Study.
Philip Laverty, CMgr MCMI

Virgin Active

Becoming a Chartered Manager has given Philip the skills he needs to take the next step into executive and board level management.

Becoming a Chartered Manager has definitely helped me to become more of a reflective leader, it has also given me credibility within my work environment and with my peers.
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Philip’s journey to success

CMI interviewed Philip about his route to Chartered Manager

Why did you decide to become a Chartered Manager?
The reason I became a Chartered Manager was to reflect on my own leadership skills, to have a look into my own personal development and career development, to challenge myself and to see if I could take my leadership skills to the next level.

How have you benefited from becoming Chartered?
Becoming a Chartered Manager helped me to have a more reflective approach and enabled me to review how I lead my team. It has also given me credibility within my work environment and with my peers. Gaining Chartered status was a rewarding moment in my career and helped me to become part of a community of other managers in the field.

Would you recommend becoming a Chartered Manager?
I would absolutely recommend any manager to looking into becoming Chartered. It gives you a lot of credibility and it helps you to reflect on your leadership style.

Philip Laverty | CMgr MCMI

  • Fitness Manager2011
  • Operations Manager Europe FMCG2014
  • CMI Diploma2015
  • Headhunted by Virgin Active2017
  • Became a Chartered Manager2017

How has Chartered status benefited your employer?
Becoming Chartered has enabled my employer to see a direct correlation with improved performance on the ground across all KPIs. Chartered Manager has enhanced my decision making, leadership and adaptability skills which has proven to be a great benefit for the business.

The impact of Chartered Manager


A Chartered Manager's average added value to their organisation.


use Chartered Manager as proof of leading people and managing change.


agree that chartered status shows their integrity and commitment to ethical behaviour.


say they are better managers after achieving Chartered Manager status.


report greater self-awareness.


use chartered manager to showcase their continual learning and growth.

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Routes to success

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