Meet the Chartered Managers.

James Boag CMgr FCMI

"Looking at leadership and management, it is fine to say that, as an officer, you are competent in managing and leading people, but if you want to take that to a civilian employer, you need to be able to quickly synthesise what you’ve done."

At the height of his career in the army, James Boag was second in command of the 5th Regiment Royal Artillery – one of the largest regiments in the British Army, making him responsible for 1.1k soldiers.

Nobody can dispute that takes some serious leadership skills – but when you’re sitting across a desk from a prospective civilian employer, trying to draw parallels between management inside and outside of the MOD, it can be tough to translate your experience into something they can relate to.

Planning ahead for resettlement, becoming a Chartered Manager gave James a verified benchmark to be able to take with him into the civilian working world – and now, he’s a soaring success as a contractor for industrial conglomerate, General Electric.

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