Chartered Manager Case Study.
Richard Banks CMgr FCMI

Virtus Health

After starting his career in the British Army, Richard Banks has progressed through the healthcare industry from the NHS to the leading IVF provider in Australia, Ireland and Singapore.

CMI has given me confidence in myself, my abilities and my skills to work in different situations, different organisations and deal with uncertainty. It has showed me what good management practice looks like.
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Richard's Journey to Success

CMI interviewed Richard about his route to becoming a Chartered Manager:

How did you become Chartered?
I found out that I could become a Chartered Manager through funded training in my previous organisation. Because I held a relevant postgraduate degree I was able to go on the fast-track ‘qualified route’, meaning much of the process was about me being interviewed about my management experience and qualifications.

How has Chartered Manager accreditation helped you progress your career?
It exposes me to management thinking in other sectors and makes me think about how that relates to my own sector, and what new thinking can I bring to my own team. It’s enabled me to move in different directions that might not have been otherwise open to me.

Richard Banks | CMgr FCMI

  • NHS Manager 2006
  • Private Hospital Manager 2009
  • Chartered Manager 2013
  • European Managing Director Virtus Health 2017

Has your employer recognised your achievement?
When I joined Virtus Health, my Chartered status was announced in my introduction to my new colleagues. My bosses recognised that having a Chartered Manager would be prestigious for the company.

What would you say to someone thinking becoming a Chartered Manager?
Becoming a Chartered Manager is a good investment for you and for your employer. You’re an asset to your own organisation, so invest in yourself!

The Value of Chartered Managers

Chartered Managers make an essential economic contribution to the UK economy and businesses. In uncertain times, never has it been more important to ensure that all UK managers are professionally qualified to the highest level.

Becoming a Chartered Manager was a personal aspiration as my previous highest qualifications were trade based. The new approaches to management I learnt through achieving Chartered status and then brought to my day to day role were reflected in increased remuneration from my company. Getting Chartered has been one of my career highlights.

Andrew Hughes CMgr MCMI

Dean University of the Arts Fashion Business School

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Impact on Indivduals

Average pay rise of a manager as a result of becoming Chartered

Impact on Businesses

Chartered Managers boost their business revenue by £62k each year and £310k over 5 years

Impact on Economy

Additional contribution to the UK economy every year from each manager becoming Chartered

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Routes to success

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