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East Midlands & Eastern Volunteer Vacancies

The CMI East Midlands/Eastern Boards are currently inviting applications for new Board members to help support, shape and influence the important management and leadership work.

17 February 2020

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Board chair update

Read about the latest news update in your area.

06 December 2019

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Spotlight on new ambassadors

CMI Student Ambassador strategy document under development.

05 December 2019

6 Ways

Chartered Manager regional events

We are currently working on further Chartered Manager events.

05 December 2019

This Way That Way Direction

Pathways to Chartered Manager

Read more about our event that was held on 20th September.

05 December 2019

Management 4.0

Midlands Conference 2019

Successful Midlands Conference.

05 December 2019

Climbing Ladder

Chartered Manager Regional Events

We are in the process of finalising an event on 20th September 2019 which celebrates Chartered Managers.

15 July 2019



East Midlands Board Says Farewell to Sabrina and Alison

05 July 2019

Coffee News

Higher Education & Student Ambassador News

Read more Higher Education & Student Ambassador News

05 July 2019

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Chair Update

Read more from Denise Skinner

05 July 2019