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Shape the Future of Leadership and Management through our Regional Structure

The CMI North East,Yorkshire & Humberside (NEYH) Regional Board is currently inviting expressions of interest for new Board members to help support, shape and influence the important management and leadership work in our Regional Network.

30 January 2020


Managing Influences at work

Read more about Managing influences at work.

03 December 2019

Achieving Success

Inspiring teams to believe in the impossible

What if the only difference between transformation and stagnation was the ability to believe in the impossible? “Whether you believe you can or whether you believe you can’t, you’re probably right”

03 December 2019

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Musings of a New Manager

Reflection is a term used in many settings and contexts across different organisations, but what does this mean for a new manager?

20 August 2019

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The Thoughts of a Commuterholic

Read more from Carl Andrew about commuting.

09 July 2019

Career Hopping

Redefining Careers - My experience of "job hopping"

A recent CMI Management 4.0 discussion paper, Patterns of Work, reported that 44% of millennials do not expect to stay in a job for longer than 2 years.

09 July 2019


The resistance is dead!

In this modern world, the need for a company to evolve and grow is fundamentally a prerequisite to its very survival.

04 June 2019


The Importance of Mentoring for Professional Development

Through frustration and determination to improve things I decided to take positive action myself to continue my own personal development.

04 June 2019

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Tips on how to manage life as a student

Tips on how to manage life as a student by Kirsty Watson. Focusing on how to efficiently plan the final stages of studying.

01 May 2019


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30 April 2019