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We Asked, You Answered

We recently surveyed the members in our region about our events programme and were thrilled to have received 140 responses. We've collated the responses to inform our event planning going forward.

06 December 2018


North West Events Programme

The Regional Board is keen to offer a range of professional development activities for both our younger and more experienced members. We are also keen to engage with our partners in the HE sector and ensure we have some useful activities to engage you.

07 September 2018


Future Leaders

Some interesting news to share with you; as part of supporting members on their career journey CMI have launched a new initiative “The Future Leaders Network”.

03 July 2018

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Learning Opportunity

As managers, how do we help make learning easy? We can achieve that by guiding people on their learning journey.

31 January 2018

Coffee News

Recent Activity

Read about the recent activity in the region

03 October 2017