Learning from failure - December's London Peer Learning Group Event Update

14 December 2016

If you didn't manage to make it along to the last London Peer Learning Group event, regular event attendee George Knight has written up an update for us here:

Learning from Failure; the key to changing from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset. December's London Peer Learning Group, hosted by Gail Tutcher at the BQF, focused on generating discussion around how individuals and organisations can begin to learn from failure.

An introductory video from Matthew Syed kicked off the discussion. In the video, Matthew explained how the aviation industry's culture of open, non-judgemental failure engagement is one which businesses of all sizes should aim to emulate. This culture has led to the accident rate per million take-offs in 2014 falling to a historic low of 0.23. In contrast, the healthcare industry suffers from an environment where mistakes can threaten surgeons who have big egos and careers to protect. This contrasting culture has led to preventable medical error becoming the third-biggest killer in western countries.

Discussions began with the importance of having a growth mindset and the impact it can have on colleagues and performance when applied effectively. The discussion moved on to how the right mindset can drive high performance and why individuals and organisations may be reluctant to learn from their failure. Finally, the group discussed how processes, such as, recruitment and appraisals can be developed to promote a 'Just Culture' where learning from failure is encouraged.

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