Dress for success

04 February 2016

CMI ‘Dress for success’ event. Speaker Joanna Gaudoin explains how appearance can impact your professional success.

Have you ever thought about how much your appearance, body language and voice impact your professional success? When you meet someone for the first time, you only have a few seconds to make a good impression. This means that, someone’s initial opinion is formulated even before you speak and depends mainly on how you dress and communicate.

During a thought-provoking presentation, our speaker, Joanna Gaudoin, image expert and owner of Inside Out, looked at how image is instrumental in creating a strong profile both within and outside your organisation as well as to create rapport with a colleague, your future boss or a client.

Thanks to her experience working with clients across different sectors including accountancy, banking, recruitment and management consultancy, Joanna focused her talk on appearance and discussed the ‘best practices’ when it comes to dressing appropriately for different professional situations. Dressing in a suitable manner and feeling confortable with your image also impacts your personal confidence and, as result, your performance. In today’s competitive market more than ever before, dressing for success is key to stand out from the crowd and get off to a good start.

Joanna Gaudoin

Joanna Gaudoin runs Inside Out, helping professional individuals and companies build better business relationships for professional success. She covers all areas of image and impact and works with people via private sessions, workshops and events. Her clients are from a range of sectors but many are from the legal, accountancy, banking, recruitment and management consultancy sectors. Prior to establishing Inside Out, Joanna spent almost 10 years in marketing and consultancy.