Portfolio careers

21 January 2016

How to work for passion, pleasure and profit!

Have you ever thought about changing our working lifestyle either to improve our work-life balance or to find a more fulfilling way to earn our living? During his inspirational presentation about portfolio careers on January 21st , top Career Coach, Author and Speaker, Steve Preston discussed how, regardless of our age, level of seniority and background; we can all create for ourselves a career path driven by our passions and interests while still generating income. For the modern professional, financial rewards are only one of the reasons why we choose a job or career; nowadays, personal development and fulfilment as well as a balanced lifestyle are for many people equally as important.

Thanks to technology and a more flexible working environment, professionals are, now more than ever, given a variety of opportunities to change the way they work and generate their income. The main challenge is likely to be their own thinking as well the difficulty to let go of the ‘old ways’ and the fear of the unknown. Steve explored compelling ways in which professionals can design their own colourful umbrella of CHOICE, by leveraging different activities and business strands using their skills, passions, talents and interests to earn a living and create a different working lifestyle based on CHOICE and contribution.

The key to creating a successful portfolio career is to set off with an open mind, explore the wide variety of options available and choose what is right for you based on what you enjoy the most and what you are best at. As long as you have the courage to make a change, you can develop a portfolio career based on what Steve calls the three Ps – passion, pleasure and profit!