Womens leadership careers

06 June 2016

Women in Leadership – Event overview

Hosted by Women in Management London and SE, the ‘Women in Leadership’ event held on Monday, June 6 gave attendees the chance to hear more about how women can shape their career path and develop leadership skills. During a very engaging keynote speech, CMI CEO Ann Francke shared her professional experience and her thoughts on the importance for women to take action in order to achieve their career goals. Even though recent research shows that gender diversity has a positive impact on the success of an organisation, there is still a lot to be done to fill the gap, especially when it comes to high-seniority leadership levels.

Francke also looked at what could be done at organisational level to improve the current situation: setting clear targets, promoting transparency, committing to cultural change (incentivising, for example, flexible working, sponsorships, reverse mentoring and so on) as well as calling out ‘bad’ behaviour are essential to create a more gender-balanced working environment. There is also a lot that women can do at an individual level: women should focus on the 3Cs: competence – about keeping track and showcasing achievements in an objective way, confidence – about negotiating better, avoiding to apologise in situations when men wouldn’t either and adopting a proactive attitude – and connections – about developing both formal and informal networking skills.

Participants also had the opportunities to hear directly from three Chartered Managers who either have already achieved charter status or are currently working towards it. CMI CEO Ann Francke was joined in a panel discussion by Eszter Molnar Mills CMgr FCMI, director of Formium Development and part of the London & South East Women in Management network as well as two members of the CMI London & South East Regional Board: Reetu Kansal CMgr MCMI, Head of Partners and Institutions Assurance at University of London International Programmes and Maria Luisa Liuzzo MCMI, Service Marketing Manager at Xerox. 

The panellists shared with the audience their journey towards chartership and explained how both preparing for it and gaining the status positively affected their career progression. Regardless of the fact that they work in different sectors and had decided to become chartered for different reasons, they all agreed on how going through the chartership process helped them considerably boost their confidence and hone the skills required to make a career move or progress within their organisation. In addition to providing professionals with the tools to improve their performance and benefit the wider organisation, the process also offers a good opportunity for self-reflection on their strengths and weaknesses as well as on their achievements and competence.

For more information on WiM - http://www.managers.org.uk/individuals/existing-members/access-your-services/wim-network

For more information on Chartered Manager status - http://www.managers.org.uk/individuals/become-a-member/get-chartered