Harnessing customer loyalty

17 May 2016

Our speaker, Veronika Weisweiller, an accomplished facilitator and presenter with extensive experience in all aspects of business planning and administration, has designed and delivered a range of courses and presentations on other topics as diverse as marketing, customer care, finance, disability awareness, quality control, and partnership working.

Veronika shared some initial thoughts on the subject.

1. Why is retaining customers increasingly important in the current business climate?

Most of us are facing more and more competition, exacerbated by an increasing and more informed use of the internet as a major easy choice for customers to learn of alternative suppliers.

2. What role does social media play here? And how can organisations use it to their advantage?

In many fields it is vital – relevantly targeted research helps organisations to find out which social media channels current and potential customers use – and organisations need to keep up with changes and trends, so this must be an ongoing process.

3. In your experience, what is the biggest challenge currently facing organisations in creating and retaining customer loyalty?

Failing to keep the finger on the pulse, or put another way, taking the eye off the ball, which can mean customers go elsewhere.

4. What is the key methodology or skill an organisation or department should develop to react promptly to changing customer attitudes?

A regularly updated customer care plan, including importantly market research at several points in the business process.

5. What useful experience do you have which you will share with delegates attending the workshop on March 1st?

I have decades of experience working on customer care plans with a variety of businesses across several sectors. In addition to that, I’m pleased to be able to use my market research experience to help people to incorporate some of those skills into customer care policies. I have run market research projects at home and overseas into a range of fields over many years, clients including large corporations, public sector and SMEs.