Leadership in the Digital Age - November's London Peer Learning Group Update

24 November 2016

Leadership in the Digital Age – November's London Peer Learning Group Update

If you didn't manage to make it along to the November London Peer Learning Groupevent, the evening's discussion facilitator Allan Sams has written up an update for us here: 

Disruption, automation, democratisation – everywhere we look digital technologies are fundamentally transforming the business landscape.

As technology displaces with increased pace, the demand for leadership has never been greater. But with growing trends in alternative working practices, does our concept of leadership need to change? Are we equipped with the necessary tools or is it time for a radical shift in mind-set?

Recognising that the business landscape is rapidly changing, the discussion starting point was whether we are equipped to embrace these developments. With no crystal ball and a short visible horizon, examples were drawn from companies experimenting with different ways of working. Flatter structures promoting self-management, peer-to-peer accountability and devolved methods of working offer glimpses of a future - as William Gibson is often quoted as saying ‘the future is already here, it's just not evenly distributed'. The question was whether these offered glimpses of the future, but the group was not convinced.

The discussion moved to how technology is changing the way we interact and how we meet the challenges of using different technologies within the workplace. Inevitably we were drawn to generational differences and millennials, but ultimately recognised that there is no one-size fits all solution. We rounded on the importance of dialogue and engagement across all levels of an organization, raising questions of how we see leadership in the future.

Many rising tech businesses are vision-led and embrace the collective power of collaboration to achieve competitive advantage. Technological change offers great opportunities for incumbents if only we could stop looking at it negatively as 'challenge' or 'disruption'.

During the evening, Allan referenced the following organisations for leading the way in this area: Automattic; Valve Corporation; Zappos; Morning Star; AirBnB 

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