Specialisation Secrets And Value Propositions webinar October 13th Event summary

03 November 2016

In order to attract the attention and interest of potential clients, Michael explained the importance for consultants to create what he calls a magnetic message. In other words, the value propositions and unique selling point that differentiate a consultant from the competitors and that make it clear why client should buy his/her services. The USP is not meant to win you business; almost always there is a lot more consultation and negotiation before a client decides to purchase a certain service. Its main objective is to engage with ideal clients and show them how we understand their needs and requirements.

Michael shared a few examples of meaningful propositions - that speak to their ideal clients and capture their attention - and compared them with less effective ones that are too generic to appeal to a specific target market. Michael also shared common mistakes and best practices to keep in mind when formulating a magnetic message as well as actionable insights for consultants to use when looking at their marketing message. The common denominator is that a successful strategy is not about what the consultant thinks; it is about offering a solution for a specific problem that the target market has and showing what the benefits of working with you are.

Michael Zipursky is the CEO of ConsultingSuccess.com and Coach to Elite Consultants. His Accelerator Coaching Program has helped consultants attract more clients and create sustainable and profitable consulting businesses. His work has been featured in MarketingProfs, Huffington Post, Maclean’s, Financial Times among other media. Over 20,000 consultants read Michael's weekly consulting letter each week.