Mentoring and Coaching Workshop

04 October 2016


At this popular workshop, facilitator Veronika Weisweiller outlined the importance of mentoring and coaching in today’s business environment.

The last few years have seen a significant increase in the importance of both mentoring and coaching as business support activities that can be beneficial not only for individuals but also for organisations. Though sharing some common principles and processes, the two disciplines are used to achieve different objectives and are based on different types of relationships between the people involved.

At the workshop Veronika explained how the origins of mentoring go back to Homer’s Odyssey and rely more on building a long term rapport based on trust than on sharing technical skills. It is usually used to help individuals achieve professional growth and increased levels of confidence. As a result a consultant´s client or an organisation as a whole benefits from more self-realised and fulfilled professionals.

On the other hand, coaching is more task-oriented and is very often aimed at developing specific skills and responsibilities.

Veronika looked at how the two disciplines individually or combined can help organisations grow by supporting their employees and developing their skills while giving them the opportunity to achieve their goals and progress in their career. Regardless of the specific reasons for using either coaching or mentoring or both, the goal for organisations should be to develop a more skilled and satisfied workforce and to create a working environment based on knowledge sharing and professional support. In the longer term, this will result in increased employee retention, higher levels of individual empowerment and improved performance