Women in leadership event

24 April 2017

The purpose of the event was to identify, address and discuss solutions to potential barriers women face when entering and climbing the corporate ladder. The event was structured so that current topics were outlined, to cultivate conversations between students and managers during the networking at the event.

Both students and CMI members were welcomed at BPP Fitzwilliam House. After a brief introduction by Dr John Mantikas, the session kicked off by discussing gender diversity in the U.K. Topics included the lack of gender diversity targets within organisations, the gap in pay between males and females and statistics on the likelihood of being promoted influenced by gender. Potential impact on the likelihood of the lack of aspiring females in the talent pipeline and reasons as to why women doubt their potential more than males do. Best practice, role models and potential solutions were proposed that organisations may adapt to address the problems mentioned such as diversity training, mentoring, coaching and flexible working hours.

Gender diversity globally followed on to see the global trend in gender diversity. Students shared a global perspective on women at senior levels within organisation shedding light on McKinsey's gender parity score and the change in distribution of women in corporate boards and executive committee. Information was presented on the talent pipeline of how organisations at entry level have close to 50-50 balance in males and females, however at c-suite levels this ratio changes to 80-20 male/female. Special focus was put on influential women in industry in the 21st century and the gender diversity within global tech companies.

Students welcomed Maria Luisa Liuzzo, Service Marketing Manager at Xerox who discussed her bio, career path and her experience through CMI women to educate and support women who are facing similar obstacles while trying to progress through the corporate ladder.

The event concluded with an opportunity for students and CMI members to network further elaborate on the topics mentioned during the event, accompanied by light refreshments.

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