The Power of Positive Thinking – February’s London Peer Learning Group Event Update

16 February 2017

If you didn't manage to make it along to February’s London Peer Learning Group event or did and wanted a re-cap, on-the-night facilitators Ena Saxena and Marwan Elnaghi have provided a summary here:

Positive thinking is a very old notion, albeit presented in new packaging today. It is not a single characteristic, but more, an attitude and one that cannot be developed overnight. Instead it is about changing small habits every day. The key to developing positive thinking is firstly being always aware of how we look at things and assessing whether it is with a positive outlook or a negative one; sometimes this is very subtle and not easy to assess. Secondly, we can change how we view things, it is in our hands.

The power of positive thinking shows its benefit in our lives in when we apply certain actions and practices to our everyday situations. These include gratitude and expressing how grateful we are to someone or for something we have which makes our life good. Re-framing the notion of failure; yes, we all fail at something, but that does not make us failures! How we describe our life is how we perceive it, so use positive words. Be solution focused and try to see that a problem is a situation which needs more effort to make it better. Be compassionate by finding how to make someone else happy or happier! Practice mindfulness by being aware of your breathing, and use these moment to breathe in what you love and want, and breathe out what you don’t. Lastly find your dream, don’t wait for it to arrive one day on its own.

Positive thinking should not be at the exclusion of other thoughts, it is important to allow ourselves to experience the full range of thoughts and emotions such as sadness and anger. These are important facets of our human make-up and it is unwise to think that just by being positive all of these will not be felt or worse still, go away, instead experience them and it may help to build “emotional resilience” (David, 2016). Nor is it advisable to think that if something bad happens to us, it is because we were not positive enough. Good and bad things will always happen all of us, but how we deal with them is up to us and how negative or positive our reaction will be is in our hands.

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