19 January 2017

We are looking for a Lead Ambassador Volunteer with Event Management/Organisation/Administration/ Communication skills to lead and take CMI London CPD Network forward.

The successful person will be responsible for:

  • Success of the London CPD Network.
  • Running the group generally, participating in local and regional meetings on a regular basis and promoting benefits of CMI.
  • Member engagement for the London CPD Network.
  • Identifying opportunities for events and other activities.
  • Establishing the season’s program and will be expected to:
    • run events (both small and large) including arranging speakers, venue, feedback, facilitation etc.;
    • organise recruitment of vacancies within the CPD Network;
    • maintain Network Group members address list and handle correspondence between various teams and Group;
    • report regularly to the London and SE Board.

Please submit your CV with the information below and a supporting statement (no more than 250 words please) to maria.liuzzo@managers.org.uk the deadline for applications is Wednesday 25th January

  • Your name
  • CMI membership grade
  • CMI, CMI Women or IC events you have attended in last 2 years
  • Work role title and organisation
  • Other skill/s