Black Belt Negotiators, learning about the neuroscience of negotiation!

14 June 2017

On Tuesday, May 30th the British Computer Society was host for a joint event with the Institute of Consulting and the Chartered Management Institute. Tom Flatau of Teamworking International gave an insightful presentation into the neuroscience of negotiation in his presentation entitled, “Black Belt Negotiator”.

By explaining the development of the brain, how it has developed over the years using the latest neuroscience research he proved, why under pressure, the brain shuts down and triggers our fight and fight responses to take over.

With nearly a full house we learned about the emotional and rational sides of negotiation and how to use them to our benefits. We learnt how to develop techniques that would allow for positive outcomes, and some useful tricks to help us in our future negotiations.

Major corporates all over the world have already seized on the benefits of Black Belt and Tom has helped thousands of clients become masters in negotiation, using his unique neuroscience approach.

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