Defining Procurement Success

03 October 2017

This was the first joint event with CIBSE Yorkshire, the aim of this collaboration is to provide opportunities to explore and learn about topics of relevance to all managers regardless of sector.

CIBSE is the chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers so anything related to the design, construction, fitting and maintenance of a building, covers the membership of this organisation.

The event was supported by Leeds Beckett University who provided the Rose Bowl Venue.

The presenters of this event were Andy Williamson Category Manager and Lex Henderson Consultant from Proxima an organisation that only does procurement, there goal is to change the conventional view of procurement from an administrative, back office function to one of a strategic driver for business success.

The audience came from a range of organisations, Engineers, procurement professionals and general managers from public and private organisations.

Our two speakers definitely showed how the procurement function is changing, a quote from a attendee “certainly opened my eyes to procurement and the role it can play in an organisations growth rather than just being used to hammer down cost with little/no interest in quality”

Andy and Lex presented results from a recently completed survey of Procurement professionals to outline where the respondent thought the profession was going and the potential impact that would have on the future of businesses, large and small. The survey results can be found here, some key challenges identified, worth a look.

Thanks to all who attended and braved the difficult travelling situation, trains on strike and grid lock in Leeds, regardless definitely worth it.

The next joint event with CIBSE will be in spring of 2018 watch for information, if you have ideas as to subjects that you would like to see covered please let us know