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03 October 2017

Recently I shared initial thoughts as to how we, in the North West, can best support the CMI strategy of engaging with young leaders. We were considering an approach based on a programme of activity named Futureproofing for Future Leaders.

In recent weeks, this has developed. Our recent board meeting approved the approach as our main strategic drive for the next eighteen months or so. It is the programme around which we will build activities. The board approved terms of reference to make this happen.

To support our drive, I am pleased to welcome five new members to the North-West Board, they are all people with wide leadership experience who are well placed to influence and challenge as we develop our approach. Their details and responsibilities will be on the website shortly.

In addition, we have invited two recent University graduates to attend our meetings, both of these young people are on a small ‘Future Leaders’ panel convened by CMI nationally - they will help make sure that we keep abreast of current initiatives and challenge us to do things differently.

I have thoughts how this may develop, but it is not my ideas that are important. We want to hear views of people who will be affected by the initiative. That includes future leaders, vitally it also includes people who will meet or work with them. This could be people in Higher Education, people dealing with apprenticeships, or indeed any of our members who have responsibility for helping to create effective workplaces - environments where people can thrive.

We hope to develop a network of interested people under the banner “Futureproofing for Future Leaders” we will encourage this network to develop its own direction and advise the board as to appropriate activities to support the Future Leaders agenda. In turn, as a board, we will provide resources to enable them to take ownership of and deliver activities.

We have a number of questions still to be answered - these will include things such as:

• What sort of activities will best support young leaders?
• How can we add enrichment to the curriculum at Universities and Colleges?
• How can we engage with organisations?

Within all this is one essential question – 

How can we deliver this programme by engaging our wider membership and providing opportunities for everyone?

We do not want to ignore people who are not young leaders. How can we capitalise on people’s experience? How can we tap into the added value that Chartered Managers bring? How can we make use of the experience and insight of our CMI Companions?

So, at the moment we have more questions than answers - I invite you to join in the conversation, I invite you to get involved in our future leaders network, I invite you to share ideas, to challenge us, and to get involved yourself. If its ethical and with potential to work – then suggest it!

In the coming months we have several events coming up that I hope you will find of interest. In accordance with our strategic drive many are run in collaboration with local Universities. Please consider attending and engaging in the opportunity to network.

If you are interested in being involved in the Future leader’s network then get in touch. I’m hoping it will be an interesting and rewarding journey.

As always feel free to join us in conversation at:

Twitter @CMINorthWest or Linkedin CMI North West

Paul Finnegan CMgr FCMI

Chair, North West Regional Board