6 Keys to Attracting High Value Consulting Clients with Michael Zipursky Summary

29 September 2017

The webinar focused on developing your consulting business and marketing to attract high-value clients.

Michael outlined the differences between having your own consulting business and being a contractor, helping participants understand were their business currently operates. Pointing out, that in order to maximise earning potential one must develop a consulting business and thus, must treat it as a business.

Michael reviewed the process for ensuring that the business pipeline is continuously filled with high-value clients, moving from the discussion phase through the procurement process to the contract phase.  Reminding attendees, that they need to apply the same business skills to their business that they use for their consulting practice.

Following the presentation, Michael answered several questions for attendees about the presentation and some specific about their businesses.

To find out more about the process, check out the recording of the webinar or contact find out more about Michael check out his website