Board Member Margaret Inglesant

23 April 2018

Hi my name is Margaret Inglesent, I am a member of the NEYH CMI Board.

I am delighted to be picking up the reins of CMI Women from Christine Baines who has been an incredible inspiration to me and many other men and women who have been involved with the NEYH Regional Board.  So firstly thank you Chris Baines for everything you have done to inspire and support us all along the way.

So just a little bit about me and my career.

After leaving school in 1979 with 10 O’Levels but no higher formal education I spent the next 20 years working my way through a myriad of jobs within retail until I reached the dizzy heights and my destiny of being a Manager and very quickly progressed to Senior Management roles in Retail, Local Government and most laterally Recruitment.  (Where was the CMI in my life then when I needed them?)

Reaching my 50’s, I realised that although my destiny was Management, my passion in life was “developing people” within Management and Business. So at long last, I went back to formal studying and gained my PGCE in Business & Executive Coaching.

This was also the time when I first became aware of CMI.  

My first interactions were through Management Direct and the ability to borrow books from the CMI library.  I then attended an International Women’s Day event, held in Leeds in 2015. I had the most amazing day meeting some fantastic people and listening to excellent speakers.  This day left me wanting to get more involved and by August I had attended some of the WiM events in Leeds and joined the Regional Board and continued my CMI journey as Communications Champion and then also as Secretary. 

And so for the future of CMI Women/EDI/Diversity in the NEYH region?  I would like to build on the foundation that we have now and be the “go to” place for information, support and personal development across the whole region in terms of Diversity and Inclusion.  To do this I will need some help and support too and would like to build a group of key people around me to work collaboratively and collectively to achieve CMI goals.  If you are interested in being part of this exciting team of people and have some time to spare each week / month to be actively involved then please get in touch.