CMI Women

05 April 2018

The network has provided opportunity for managers, both male and female, to meet, network, share ideas and learn from interesting, exciting and at times controversial speakers.

The network has also organised a very successful annual conference to celebrate International Women’s Day and the delivery of the Eleanor Macdonald lecture.  This year was held on the 9th March, a report on the day is included in this newsletter.

Christine Baines, who will be known to many CMI members has been a very active force, unsung hero many would say within the network for over 10years. The NEYH board would like to thank Chris, who has now retired from her role within CMI, for all her hard work, not only in the network but as a very active member of the NEYH board. We wish her good luck for the future.

Because of Chris’s retirement there is a vacancy on the Regional Board and membership of the CMI Women network. If you are interested in understanding more or applying to be on the regional board, please contact the chairman of the board or If you would like more info and wish to get involved in taking the CMI Women network forward please contact the deputy chair