Helping each other flourish

09 April 2018

Helping Each Other Flourish – Incorporating International Women’s Day 2018

Our annual conference incorporating International Women’s Day, took place on 9th March in Leeds and was a resounding success. A host of excellent speakers embraced the event title “Helping Each Other Flourish,” and highlighted that success is not dependant on gender but is based on behaviours, communication and working together.

The event was chaired by Jane Winteringham and Delroy Beverley CCMI, the newly appointed chair of the CMI NEYH Board, was introduced to the audience and shared his commitment to the Diversity agenda.

The Eleanor Macdonald lecture was presented by Anj Handa - Founder, Inspiring Women Changemakers, who gave an inspirational speech and shared her experiences of creating connections for social good.

“I love to speak about the power of connection. By winning hearts as well as minds, you can move mountains. In this talk, I describe the impact that mobilising my connections has had not only on my own life, but on those of countless others.”

To learn more @anjhanda or @WmnChangemakers

Christine Gilkes -  Founder, Gluetogether, shared her philosophies and action to support getting women into top jobs. Christine’s philosophy is “Small changes in behaviour have a massive impact on results”

She identified that, although there have been many changes at corporate level, and some companies have achieved board room gender parity, there is still work to do such as:

• Unblock the pipeline
• Strip away deeply entrenched beliefs and behaviours – “a greater risk.”
• Challenge the unconscious biases
• Provide genuine sponsorship
• Make diversity directly related to the CEO’s bonus
• Ensure job applicants are proportionate to your workforce – 50% women should mean 50% of applicants are women and the same for minorities

Stephen Crow - Business Development Director, Clarion, presented a stimulating presentation on the importance of strategy, something we are all familiar with in terms of corporate strategy, but he spoke of the need for personal strategy.

Paula Gizzard - Regional Director, Women in Business Network gave tips and shared her experience of asking for a pay rise. “If you don’t ask you won’t get” exploring the strategies that help get a positive answer.

Chris Baines - Director, Baines Craig Consultancy Limited, spoke of the “Myths about Sex”. Chris presented the research and psychological perspective of the myths and traits of men and women and how things have changed in society since Victorian times. A workshop followed where the audience were asked to think about what needed to be changed and how it could be achieved. This created a great buzz in the room with some great feedback from the participants.

Chris finished with “Equality has clear benefits to companies and the economy, so is good for men as well as women”

Meg Munn - Independent Governance Consultant, delivered the final presentation of the day, a personal reflection of her journey as a MP and a manager and leader in business. Meg’s stories were a great source of inspiration to the audience.

We thank all of the speakers but all who attended the event and contributed to its success. Importantly many contacts and connections were made and new networks formed.

Click here to view the presentations from the day.

We look forward to seeing you again next year, if you would like to speak, have ideas for the event or would like to get involved and become part of the NEYH CMI Women team, please do make contact with or