I'm a Chartered Manager - are You?

06 April 2018

I am looking forward this month (April 2018) to our celebration of Chartered member success. As part of the event, I will be presenting some of our Southern Region members with their Chartered Manager certificates.

Chartered Manager is the ultimate accolade in recognition for all managers. Awarded by CMI, thousands of managers across the UK at all levels and in all sectors now hold Chartered Manager and highly value it, as demonstrated in the research that CMI did in 2015. In this report, those who had become Chartered said that it had made them significantly better managers and also more confident in how they were performing as leaders.

More than 90% of the respondents to the survey indicated that they use Chartered Manager as proof of experience of leading people and managing change and that their Chartered status demonstrates their integrity and commitment to ethical behavior. However, it also is a chance to reflect on what you have achieved as a manager, how you have done it and how to improve your future actions. In order to be able to gain Chartered Manager status, you will need to prove that you have what it takes to be an effective manager and also demonstrate the management experience that goes with it – but I guess you are already well on the way by being a CMI member anyway.

Are you ready to take the next steps towards Chartered Status? If so, good luck and I hope to be presenting you with your coveted Chartered Manager certificate at one of our future Celebrating Success events.  If you are unsure of how to take the first steps, then check out the information on the CMI website

You can also read the May 2015 report ‘Mapping Management Excellence: Evaluating The Impact of Chartered Manager’.

My journey to Chartered Manager

Suzanne Anderson CMgr CCMI

Chair, CMI Southern Regional Board