Are you a sponsor?

04 December 2018

CMI Women held an event in London on 21st November in conjunction with WeAreTheCity, regarding the topic of sponsorship. Although the event was hosted by CMI Women, and focused on sponsorship in the workplace, the methods and lessons are practical for everyone. Catherine Myszka, CMI East Midland’s Associate Board Member for Diversity and Inclusion, believes that self-employed people can benefit from sponsorship too.

So, what is sponsorship?

In a nutshell, sponsors:

  • Advocate for and champion the success of others
  • Help remove obstacles to individual’s progress
  • Believe and have faith in their colleague’s abilities

Bruce Carnegie Brown (CMI President) raised a pertinent point when he said that the profile of a sponsor sounded like that of a good boss, which is interesting when research shows that most individuals leave their roles due to bad management.

Spotting and nurturing talent is a key part of the managerial role and understanding how and why to sponsor people is a vital part of any manager’s toolkit. However, it is just as important for the sponsee to do their part in being prepared for opportunities that sponsorship can bring. An organisation looking to nurture an inclusive working environment can help this process by removing barriers that prevent people from speaking up.

Not sure whether you’ve got a sponsor or not?


  • Mentors talk to you
  • Coaches ask you questions
  • Sponsors talk ABOUT you