CMI/Anglia Ruskin University Employability Talk

03 December 2018

Mike HurstMike Hurst has an impressive set of accomplishments for someone at such a young age. The newly appointed chair for the Eastern Regional Board Chartered Management Institute (CMI) visited Anglia Ruskin University (ARU) on the 7th November 2018. He spoke confidently and fluidly about Domino UK Ltd., his own background and the roles he has held. He engaged with the students present, encouraging them to think about the positions that may be open them in companies like Domino. He spoke openly and honestly about his own personal journey and humbly about his new appointment.

Domino Company has become a global leader in the supply of coding solutions. Domino has found success after being founded in 1978 and the company has headquarters locally in Bar Hill, Cambridge. The company now has 2,700 employees worldwide and in 2015 became an autonomous partner of Brother Industries Ltd., a large Japanese multinational electronics and electrical equipment company.

Mike spoke about the four stages in his career, illustrating the industry and energy that marked his progression. Utilising the Four Stages of Contribution Model, he aligned these to the stages that have characterised his career thus far and the profession attributes attained. The trajectory has been characterised by determination, ambition and a willingness to take on new opportunities. Attitude, work ethic and application are hallmarks of a good university student and seeing how these can transfer to success in the working world was encouraging.

In the final part of his talk, Mike made it clear that doing the fundamentals will give you a solid foundation when preparing for interviews. Also, he stressed the mentality of being realistic and open with regards to geography and travel. In simple terms he explained about the process of knowledge acquisition and the capital each activity can bring. Also, he clearly understood that the progression of leadership can be sequential. A salient point that resonates with students on the dual accreditation and the operation CMI as a whole. His final point that support from a mentor and network can be crucial is a lesson for each and every student.

The talk was well received by those in attendance and Mike fluently and passionately answered any questions afterwards. We were all grateful for his time and wish him the best in the future.

Written by Ganesh Gupta