CMI Scotland Annual Conference

10 December 2018

The fifth Chartered Management Institute Scotland annual Conference took place on Wednesday 24 October 2018 in Assembly Rooms, Edinburgh. With inspiring, high-profile keynote speakers, plus a full host of unmissable breakout sessions, the speakers explored the key aspects to developing an organisation-wide sense of purpose that excites and unites.

There were three keynote speakers and four workshops.  The keynote speakers included Alison Mcgregor CCMI, CEO Scotland, HSBC, Phil Jones MBE CCMI, Managing Director, Brother UK and Karyn McCluskey, CEO, Community Justice Scotland

The conference was attended by delegates from all over the country from public, private, third sector and large number of students from further and higher education institutions.  It was packed with practical insights, engaging discussions, interactive workshops.

The four workshops included Future Leaders, Productivity, Empowerment through the Chartered Manager and MindfulnessPhil Jones MBE CCMI , Managing Director, Brother UK

Keynote: Leading On Purpose
Phil Jones MBE CCMI discussed "Leading On Purpose" and how aligning personal and organisational purpose is key to congruency yet also to your business becoming a magnet for people.  He shared his personal experiences and discussed how to link up all the moving parts of business for sustainable success.

Alison Mcgregor CCMI, CEO Scotland, HSBC
Keynote Speech:  Diversity & Inclusion with Purpose
Alison Mcgregor CCMI, CEO Scotland, HSBC discussed "Diversity & Inclusion with Purpose" and she questioned if we making any real progress on diversity? How does it differ from inclusion and what is required to drive this agenda forward and how to leverage all of the talent available to supercharge productivity?

Karyn McCluskey, CEO, Community Justice Scotland
Keynote Speech:  The Impact of an Inspiring Purpose
Karyn discussed "The Impact of an Inspiring Purpose" She shared her journey when she was tasked with violence reduction in Scotland in 2005.  How she managed to almost halved Scotland's homicide rate in just 10 years and how she brought people together to achieve a common goal.

Joe Levell ACMI  of Chartered Management Institute
Workshop: Future Leaders
Joe delivered workshops about skills required for future leaders, what skills graduates have, what skills employers are looking for?  68% of employers want to see graduates achieve a professional qualification as well as their main degree 73% of students say that CMI resources have helped them to receive better results.  

Joe discussed CMI's Student Ambassador Scheme and how CMI can help to nurture tomorrow’s talent from first job to inspiring leader.

Gary Young The Mindful Enterprise
Workshop: Productivity
Gary delivered a workshop about productivity; he discussed what can we as businesses do to fix the UK’s shockingly poor productivity?   
He discussed what factors “Affect the Productivity”, the areas businesses should focus on “Key Pillars Of Happiness In The Workplace” and what are the “Key Areas Of Focus”. 

Karen Nichols MCMI of Chartered Management Institute
Workshop: Empowerment through Charted Manager
Karen discussed:

  • The link between what managers do and what get Drive organisational performance by optimising the impact of its managers
  • Support other managers throughout the business in ethical and effective leadership practice
  • Demonstrate an organisation’s commitment to professional recognition of management skills
  • Make a difference and add value to their organisation
  • Discover the tools to invest confidence and trust in your teams.

Workshop: Mindfulness
Karen delivered workshops about Mindfulness, she discussed the power of positive thinking for mental wellbeing, why be mindful and how to be mindful.  She shared techniques to build confidence and presence, how to have a good day and How to set up you YOUR day –your own emergency assistance:

  • Aim - Think about what really matters most in making todays’ activities a success?
  • Attitude - Notice the thoughts that are dominating your thoughts or your mood
  • Attention - Where do you want or need to focus your attention today?

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