East Midlands Welcomes New Student Ambassador on its Board

03 December 2018

Manpreet Sooch

Readers may recall our farewell to Danielle Keeling in the Summer as she moved onto the next stage of her leadership development journey. We are now delighted to introduce you to Manpreet Sooch who is taking up the mantle as Student Ambassador on the East Midlands Board.

Manpreet is a third year student studying BA Hons Business Management (CMI Accredited) at the University of Derby and has been an active CMI Student Ambassador at the University of Derby since 2016. As part of her role, she has been involved in many on-campus activities to make peers more aware about CMI and how engaging with CMI can help improve graduate outcomes.

Manpreet believes she was fortunate to be given an opportunity to do her placement with CMI and says “this was a great opportunity which gave me exposure to many key areas of the business, but also provided the opportunity to use my theoretical knowledge learnt during my degree into practice”.

Manni says that she is excited to further develop her skills in project management and operations and told us “I am delighted to have been appointment to the East Midlands Board as a Student Ambassador Champion. I look forward to helping to drive CMI’s strategic objectives and to continuing to be part of CMI.” We are very much looking forward to working with you too, Manpreet, in this key role on our Board!