CMI new focus on the Royal Air Force

12 February 2018

Three members of the Thames Valley Board met with senior staff at CMI’s headquarters recently to discuss closer engagement with serving military personnel and Ministry of Defence employees.

The Thames Valley region is host to several important RAF sites – Air Command near High Wycombe (the RAF’s operational ‘head office’), RAF Brize Norton (the principal air base for the RAF’s transport aircraft) and RAF Halton, where much of their management and leadership training is delivered.

Richard Byford, board chair for the region, said: “The RAF are the biggest single employer of CMI members in our area, yet many of the members only really start to engage with their peers when they are about to leave the service. In fact, CMI membership can be immensely valuable to them all the way through their careers – right from their first promotion. We want to engage with them to help them understand the value of their training and experience. They also have a great deal to offer – and gain - by networking with other members in the region”.

The Thames Valley regional board includes two serving RAF personnel who are both engaged in management training within the service. Cranfield University’s Head of the Centre for Defence Acquisition, based at the UK’s Defence Academy, is also a board member and acts as the board’s communications manager.