Three BIG things happening in the region...

12 February 2018

At our recent board meeting, the Regional Board agreed the three main areas of focus for activity for the next year. Each links in to the overall Strategy that is set by the CMI Executive Board and agreed by the Trustees of the Institute. They are:

Attract younger members at the start of their careers

A thought leadership project, using innovative methods to explore issues that managers might expect to face during the next ten or fifteen years. The project will involve a diverse team composed of younger members and individuals recommended by older members. It will also be a valuable learning experience for the participants, as they will be encouraged to reflect on their own methods and behaviours as the project progresses, supported, but not directed, by some of the Region’s most experienced members.

Increasing the recognition of the importance of diversity and inclusivity

A series of events and activities which explores the issues around diversity and inclusivity that affect managers. It will address questions such as: What is the benefit of increasing diversity in an organisation? Do managers have an ethical duty to promote inclusivity? Does diversity and inclusivity produce business benefits or business costs? How do we define the breadth of diversity - and who is included? How do we change behaviours in the workplace so that diversity and inclusivity becomes a benefit to all stakeholders?

Better engagement with the defence community

Leadership and management are different in the military. Or are they? What do the military do better than most civilian organisations? What do entrepreneurial organisations do better than the military? What can each learn from the other? The Ministry of Defence is the largest employer of CMI members in the region and we are home to three of the most important sites for RAF operations and management and leadership training. An estimated 15% of our regional members are connected to the military or the wider defence community.

In support of the above, we also have other streams of activity and enabling projects. One is to recruit, train and establish network of volunteer members – beginning with our first volunteer induction workshop in Newbury in March. We will also continue to run general information workshops and networking meetings around the region – particularly when opportunities arise to work with partner organisations.