Learning Opportunity

31 January 2018

Recently I’ve been thinking about learning. Thinking what effective learning is and how we as leaders and managers can best support people and how we can best continue our own learning.

As managers, how do we help make learning easy? We can achieve that by guiding people on their learning journey. As leaders we can consider coaching, discussion, and exploration, rather than just talking at people and instructing them what to do.

We can encourage social learning perhaps by encouraging Action Learning Sets or Communities of Practice. Communities of practice can be where people meet up in person or virtually - perhaps in Twitter conversations or LinkedIn groups.

It is not just the learning event or engagement experience that is most important, but what people do differently because of that encounter.

With this in mind the region is offering various learning opportunities, mindful of our busy lives these are virtual, in webinar format and face to face sessions.

Two particular ones to be highlighted are firstly;” Is Data Killing Creativity”, where Hamish Nicklin, Chief Revenue Officer at Guardian News & Media, discusses in a panel debate, has creativity in advertising, which plays a critical role for business as part of its promotional mix, been side-lined by over-reliance on data?

Secondly: “Developing Resilience in Organisations”, in today’s tough economic environment, organisations have increasingly had to become more resilient, often in difficult trading or a crisis situation, whilst developing mental toughness. Mental Toughness being the aspect of our personality which determines how we deal with stress and pressure and how we can see change as a source of opportunity to grow and to develop. Doug Strycharczyk, a leading expert and author in this field, will assist you to gain these key skills.

CMI offer several ways of supporting learning, not least of which is Management Direct with its wide range of resources, the CMI mentoring scheme or the range of qualifications, including apprentice opportunities - from first line manager to senior leader. Events and webinars are designed to support your development.

An important element of your personal development is the prestigious Chartered Manager Award to help with 3 Cs - Capability, Credibility and Confidence.

Undertaking this award gives you a real opportunity to step back, reflect and develop yourself.

What are you doing for your CPD? What can CMI do to help you?