Student Ambassadors

31 January 2018

It seems obvious to say that students and young people are the future of our institute, but many people assume that leadership and management are the sole preserve of the experienced. ‘Management’ is sometimes seen as a promotion step that comes with age and seniority.

As an institute, we are working hard to break down this outdated view. During next year, we will be launching the Future Leaders initiative nationally; within the Region, we will be running a project to get younger managers involved in managing a research project in to the future of management. Our Student Ambassador scheme has taken root across the UK and most major business and management schools have at least one student ambassador.

Our national conference for regional board members was enlivened by the presence of student ambassadors from Higher Education Partners from all parts of the UK – many helping run the event and presenting case-studies of their work. This month, I am pleased to announce that Laura Marshall has been appointed as our student ambassador at the Royal Agricultural University in Cirencester.

Well, it’s time to get the Christmas tree up and round up the Christmas crackers. It won’t be long until that wonderful festive treat - of round-the-clock Slade songs and ‘Home Alone’ repeats. It’s time for me to dust of the old red and white suit and change the bulb in Rudolf’s nose. Have a great Christmas and a wonderful new year!