Chartered Recognition - Management with Impact

23 July 2018

In the CMI Southern region we have been running a series of events to help members better understand how Chartered Manager could be of benefit to both them individually and to their organisations. In our latest event in June 2018, CMI assessors led a workshop for 20 members to assist them in thinking about the best route and the type of evidence they need to gather towards Chartered status. Attendees were able to learn about how they could make the Chartered journey, the milestones to consider and how to use a number of templates to plan and showcase their work towards the standard. The templates help members consider the following areas of their work:

  • your key achievements during the last 18 months
  • how you have applied the skills of Leading People and Managing Change to achieve outcomes
  • reflections on what you have learned about your skills in these areas and with hindsight what you might have done differently
  • skills you intend to develop in the next 12 months and how you will do so

Key takeaways from the workshop were:

  • Chartered Manager is for everyone whether self employed, or working for a large or small organisation in a public, private or voluntary capacity
  • there is a route for everyone whether they are qualified, exempt or experiential
  • the majority of people who are ready to register for Chartered Manager achieve it. It can take as little as four weeks to twelve months from start to finish
  • the CMI assessor guides and supports the candidates assigned to them through the process
  • thinking early about the evidence of impact and how it can be independently corroborated will save time

Jo Strain, the Board member who organised the workshop, said "Questions flowed throughout the evening, the level of excitement rising as everyone understood how they can achieve Chartered status. We wish all of our workshop attendees success on their journey to Chartered Manager."