Student Ambassadors

07 June 2018

The East Midlands CMI has been working hard to introduce Student Ambassadors at all 10 universities in the region after the successful launch of the scheme at the University of Derby some 2 years ago. We now have at least 2 Student Ambassadors at 6 universities in the East Midlands region and by the end of the next educational year, we plan to increase this number to at least 12 Student Ambassadors per university. 

We understand that taking on this role can sometimes be perceived to add to the pressure of passing exams, but it has also been found to increase confidence and add significant kudos to those that volunteer which all helps with seeking employment during the course and after graduation. If you are a university student and are interested in volunteering to become a Student Ambassador, then please feel free to contact Colin Howes or Carolyn Abel who are your local higher education champions on the East Midlands CMI board. 

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