What Is The Value Of Meeting Face To Face?

07 June 2018

How often do you go to the meetings we organise for this region? Each newsletter gives details of upcoming meetings for our regional meetings of the Institute of Consulting; CMI Women; London CPD and the London Peer Learning Group. Each group offers a programme with great speakers who encourage debate which leads to learning: how YOU can be an even better manager and leader in your field.

In addition, these meetings allow you to network with other CMI members, enabling you to,

  • Build relationships 
  • Give and receive advice from your peers and contemporaries
  • Gain valuable insight on all aspects of being a leader and of managing well. 

If you do attend our network meetings, please email our Networks Champion Neil Tumber and tell us what you like about them - these sessions are for you and we really value your feedback.

If you haven't attended our network meetings please email Neil and tell us why that is. We need to know so we, as a region, can learn more about what you would like to have available within our region.

Would you like to have meetings more local to where you live? Again, please email Neil to let us know.

Looking forward to all your ideas and suggestions!