Women on Boards

07 June 2018

Have you heard this recently? Many of you will have heard this soundbite or something similar, as media outlets reported on a preview of some of the findings of the Hampton Alexander review.

In the current climate where the Gender Pay Gap report has made global headlines, and CMI’s own Broken Windows campaign is achieving real traction, it’s interesting to understand a little more about the review that has created these interesting talking points.

“Tackling the gender pay gap is a key part of the government’s modern Industrial Strategy through which the government aims to help businesses create better, higher-paying jobs while boosting people’s earning power and ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to progress in the workplace.”

In line with this strategy, The Hampton Alexander review is an independent review commissioned by the government that looks at the ways senior women (below board level) are recognised, promoted and rewarded.

The initial report was published in November 2016, and updated in November 2017.

Both of these can be found on the government’s website:

The full review is scheduled to be published on 27 June and will mark the halfway point of the independent review.

Blog by Laura Kaye Tomlinson, Diversity & Inclusion Champion