CMI Professional Development Mini-conference, April 12th: what you missed

31 May 2018

Mini ConferenceThis engaging event combined panel sessions and interactive networking among participants. The attendees had a chance to hear from Neil Constable, Chair of the London and South East regional board, speaking about how to progress professionally, whether that is by gaining a management qualification and professional recognition such as Chartered Manager or addressing some of the constraining edges of the ‘glass box’, gender, ethnicity, age etc. 

The Your Digital Profile session, presented by Caroline Binns, Business Director at Hays, explored the concept of online visibility and how it helps both employers and employees with gathering information before interviewing them. 

During the event, the concept of “work” in the 21st century and the related challenges of fitting new ways of working within the existing employment law framework were also discussed, giving attendees the opportunity to reflect on the future of employment law and working practices. Veronika Weisweiller MIC, Director, FSB also looked at the specific advantages and disadvantages of Setting up in Consultancy and what support is available to the professionals who want to do it. 

Prof Mini ConferenceAfter the event, attendees had the opportunity to discuss the topics and network further with both the speakers and other delegates.

What some of the attendees said about the event:

  • I am looking at a career change and the afternoon enabled thoughts to progress. 
  • It was valuable to learn more about professional development opportunities and to network and meet new people.
  • Enjoyable conference – plenty of ideas to take away with you!
  • Personally looking at ways to develop professionally + ideas for our managers