Craft Your Management Skills

02 May 2018

I have recently been reading a design publication from 99U where many of the articles promote the idea of working on your craft – whether that be art, typography, photography or design – and it occurred to me that management and leadership could be your craft. Why not?

Craft – is a honed skill or an activity involving skill and experience (usually by hand)! ‘Craft’, to me, conjures up an image of a craftsman or craftswoman working carefully with precision and patience on something they love and have loved for years to produce a thing that they are incredibly proud of! Why does that have to be limited to painting, pottery or furniture?  Why can’t it apply to a meeting, a presentation, a team or an organisation?

The article ‘15 Reasons to Stay Focused on Developing your Craft’ is a thought provoking read – especially when you substitute ‘management’ appropriately.  

If you develop your craft – and I’m saying that can be management and leadership – the article’s author, Alex Mathers, suggests for instance:

  • the more time you dedicate to developing your craft, the more you will learn about what you are capable of!
  • you will develop more credibility as an artist/ skilled person a manager/leader.
  • your understanding of your craft will continually develop, making you increasingly more valuable as an expert in your field.
  • your understanding of how other things and processes work, will improve.

Traditional crafts have had apprenticeships since the Middle Ages and the idea of ‘Chartered’ dates back to the 11th century when Royal Charters were awarded.

Bringing us bang up to date, the CMI is leading the management and leadership profession with a range of Apprenticeships supported by Higher Education and Further Education establishments across the UK and is the only awarding body for Chartered Manager.  

The attainment of ‘Chartered’ status marks holders out as leaders in their chosen profession who are dedicated to honing their craft, committed to excellence and their personal development.

If you would like to improve your craft, become more valuable to your organisation and stand-out from the crowd – Get Chartered!  The CMI has plenty of support on the website and from your Regional Boards.

Get Chartered 

David Sullivan FCMI, Chartered Manager