London Peer Learning Froup 14 November Event Summary

28 November 2018

The event was attended by 27 made up of members and guest from a range of sectors and organisational functions.

The attendees participated in a short interactive quiz, on arrival, providing input for the discussion.

The main aim of the event was for attendees to share perspectives on dealing with difficult people and relationships in the work place, reflecting on the various causes and solutions.

All attendees participated in sharing their experiences with the group in a non-judgmental and supportive environment, culminating in a role-playing of dealing with some common difficult workplace conflicts.

Through open discussion, it was evident that it helped participants to realize that most of us face these challenges and that reflecting on the causes and potential solutions goes a long way to coping with or resolving them.

Quiz result table 1

Table 1

Quiz result table 2

Table 2