Queens University Graduate School Celebration

29 November 2018

Queens University Graduate School Celebration, marking 150 years since the opening of the Lynn Library.

Featuring an impressive open and galleried interior, the Graduate School (formerly known as the Lynn Building) was designed by William Henry Lynn in 1868 as the University’s library. Following an extensive programme of renovation and refurbishment, the building reopened in April 2015. It is now home to the new Graduate School, providing a hub for Queen’s thriving postgraduate community.

Ireland Celebration

Professor Ian Greer Vice Chancellor,  Mustapha Obalanlege   Doctoral Researcher,  CMI Regional Board member and Doctoral Researcher Patricia O’Lynn, Professor Margaret Topping Dean Graduate School,  and CMI regional board member Tom Doran CMgr  Chartered Manager Champion.

Mustapha and Patricia were among the speakers at what was a fantastic event.