Taking stock - the chartered way

08 November 2018

Jo Strain, CMI Southern Board Member, writes about how you can use the chartered manager process to review your performance.

When did you last appraise your performance as a manager and leader? What would you use as your criteria and benchmark?

An honest self-appraisal would likely reveal the majority of us are ‘good in parts’.

When you joined the Chartered Management Institute, you committed to professional development as highlighted in the CMI’s professional code of conduct.

Reflecting on our understanding and application of our code of conduct is part of preparing a submission to be a Chartered Manager. During the Southern Chartered Manager events in 2018, many newly Chartered members commented that reflecting on CMI’s code of conduct had enabled them to develop new insights about their management practice and identify new areas for professional growth.

Could you make time to think about:

  • the achievement you are most proud from the last 12 months
  • the impact you had, how what you did affected others
  • how it demonstrates your ethical approach
  • and with hindsight how you could have done things differently?

Our attitudes, behaviours and actions as a leader and manager influence everyone around us. Working on our own professionalism will positively influence others.

A period of objective reflection on how well we live and breathe the code of conduct can help us understand our personal motivations, things which impair our ability to perform to the highest ethical standards and to identify areas for development.

Jot down your findings. This is the start of gathering data for your Chartered Manager submission, as well as your development plan.