The Eastern Regional Board - The What, Why, Who & What next...

02 April 2019

What is the Eastern Regional Board

In essence, the Eastern Regional Board is a collection of volunteers, mostly Chartered Managers that having gone through the journey to gain the accreditation and who want to make a contribution to the Institute that they have aligned themselves to…..

Clearly a valiant ambition but what purpose does it serve? When stripped back to basics the CMI is centered on the primary goal of ‘turning accidental managers into conscious leaders’. Many might feel that to be somewhat patronizing but on reflection how many of those who have attained Chartered status have done so having found themselves in positions of responsibility with a level of uncertainty about their management and leadership credentials.

So, the purpose of the Regional Boards is to support the CMI to engage with the membership at a regional level, to assist students, aspiring and accomplished managers with their career pathways and continual professional development.

Who are the Board Members

Alongside myself as recently elected Chair there are a collection of other volunteers who have a focus on varying areas of management or functional support for the Board.

  • Loreen Macklin – Institute of Consulting Champion
  • Denise Blackburn – Diversity & Inclusion & CMI  Women Champion
  • Debra Thomas – Treasurer 
  • Lucill Curtis – Communications Champion
  • Bob Finch – Higher Education Champion
  • Simon Payne – Local Government Champion
  • Mel Root – Social Media Champion (Co-opted)

What next…

As many of the longer standing regional membership will have noticed there has been limited activity at a local level in more recent times despite efforts to deliver local events. To that end, a review is being conducted at a regional and national level to re-evaluate how the volunteer community can be used to best effect to provide a consistent experience to the membership.

As such, the structure of the volunteer Boards may change but the focus will remain on delivering the core purpose at a local level.

What does that mean? For student members the focus will be training and career pathways, for aspiring managers the focus will be on pathways to Chartered status and for accomplished managers the focus will be continued professional development. Overarching all membership grades the CMI aspires to provide thought leadership to ensure the Institute and members remain contemporary in their field.

In the short term and whilst under review, the Eastern Board will aim to provide more regularly communication for each membership grade through the newsletter and in time re-energise the social media channel.


Events will evolve based on the key themes intended to engage with the membership and in fact there are two upcoming events anchored in the Diversity & Inclusion and CMI Women agendas ‘Breaking the Stiletto’.

You will also see events being advertised by partner organisations in Higher Education, Education Providers, Corporates as well as associated Institutes.

Mike Hurst
Chair, Eastern board