Productivity Blog

09 January 2019

CMI Southern Board member Nina Szewczak writes.

Productivity and collaboration are the key to me being able to achieve everything I set myself to achieve.  

I always have a lot on my plate. I am a CMI Board Member, I work full time, I run my own business outside of my 9 to 5, and am studying for a level 7 qualification. Without being able to wisely utilise my 24 hours everyday, there would be no chance for me to continue to spin all of these plates. 

Collaboration allows me not only to deliver the best results without having to do everything myself, but it also enables me to learn a lot. Being able to prioritise and manage my energy on the other hand helps me get everything ready on time, and make sure I have time for holidays too, as good balance for me is a must!

I strongly advocate collaborative workplace approaches to other managers and leaders. Here is why and some management resources from the CMI to support you.

This month, Nina Szewczak shares her blog on the power of collaboration in the workplace.